Brunswick Candidates Face Off: Creationism vs Evolution

Since the School Board of Brunswick discussed the topic of adding creationism in addition to teaching evolution as an alternative in the public schools, has sparked debate during this election year.

“In Brunswick County, including two school board candidates, creationism and evolution are competing views that could be debated on scientific terms. The idea, and a discussion that has gone beyond the community, were ignited by Joel Fanti, a Southern Baptist chemical engineer who has a son at West Brunswick High.”

“Fanti suggested at the Sept. 16 school board meeting that creationism be taught side by side with evolution, a thought four board members supported and which has become the object of ridicule on some science Web sites.” StarNewsOnline

Candidates are weighing in and displaying their opinions to the public as they are running for the school board’s seats. There are a variety of viewpoints, from a strong stance on creationism, to just a discussion in some type of form rather than teaching it in science class, and of course there are those advocating just teaching evolution.

“Long-term evolution, the kind that transforms animals, is slow and cannot be observed happening in one’s lifetime, but fossils substantiate it, he said.”

Which fossils is he talking about? There are over 200 million fossils and counting that we are aware of and a tiny portion of those fossils are even disputed as evidence by evolutionists for transitional forms. A vast assortment of animals from the past, would mean a lot of transitional forms should be found in the fossil record, but they are not.

For example, fossils like the trilobites appear suddenly in the fossil record without a trace of an ancestor. There has been discoveries of hundreds of thousands of unrelated soft-bodied fossils. If there were any ancestors of trilobites, we would have found them by now.

Some say if you teach ID or Creationism, you will learn more about evolution. This is most likely accurate, but there is a drawback for those who idolize evolution, by teaching alternatives means showing it’s weakness. And those who idolize evolution want children to have a strong belief in it’s teachings so they would never endorse presenting it’s weakness.

Evolution is not compatible with the Bible, nor is it a true theory, it’s an hypothesis. It’s been used by militant evolutionists to make more money, while others it’s to replace God whom they don’t want to believe in, and the rest go either along with popular opinion or are swayed by other science that disproves evolution.

“The separation of church and state should be upheld, Thorsen said, adding that he wouldn’t want to force creationism on students and that schools should instead focus on teaching the basics.”

Evolution is not basic, it’s complex, it tries to explain one gap while opening more gaps in the process which is why we see such a vast field of secular science. Thorsen is flawed with his interpretation of church and state, why should Christian parents be subjective to the teaching of evolution which is contrary to the Bible? Biology could in fact be taught without ever mentioning evolution or creationism. That would be considered neutral, the basics and the proper definition of separation from church and state.

It’s going to be an interesting year in Brunswick, one creationist put the who county on the map, sparks a major debate, candidates are using either creationism or evolution in their platforms in order to try and get elected. Creationists I believe should continue their fight for what’s right. It’s all in the Lord’s hands.

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