First Biological Animal Ever To Be Found Far Below The Surface

Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator was found in a goldmine in South Africa about 1.74 miles below the earth’s surface. This animal is very unique, it doesn’t rely on light or oxygen. In fact, it can’t even handle oxygen at all. It’s main energy source is radioactive decay from uranium in the surrounding rocks.

“Living alone, D. audaxviator must build its organic molecules by itself out of water, inorganic carbon, and nitrogen from ammonia in the surrounding rocks and fluid. During its long journey to the extreme depths, evolution has equipped the versatile spelunker with genes” Science Daily

It is interesting and at times amusing to see evolutionary scientists claim that this unthinking engineer (natural selection) was able by accident, to somehow able to equip this versatile spelunker with genes. There is no current explanation on why this animal would evolve so deep in the ground, and what sort of advantage it would have by doing so over other single cell animals it had supposedly evolved from. One would think, it would be harder to survive farther into the ground than closer to the surface.

Another interesting to note, this interesting created creature (not from evolution) has been a source for inspiration in trying to prove alien life forms.

“Chris McKay, of NASA’s Ames Research Center says that D. audaxviator is an amazing discovery, and represents the kind or organism that could survive below the surface of Mars or Saturn’s sixth largest moon Enceladus…” New Scientist

There is no doubt a truly remarkable discovery for creationists rather than a truly remarkable discovery for  evidence suggesting alien life or how an unthinking process is supposedly able to create special genes for it’s survival but a truly wonder of this specified complex little animal which was created by God.


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