The Bio-Chemistry Classroom

Taken From the Biochemistry Classroom

Instructor: So what we see in science is the fact that all these organic products were formed in the ocean–and then became alive.

Student: But prof, the problem of chemical precipitation would instantly nullify all that might be gained. The chemicals themselves would quickly inhibit and destroy the chemical compounds and enzymes produced. Many of the chemicals would also react with other chemicals, producing non-useful and even toxic compounds.

Instructor: In a similar manner fats, sugars, and nucleic acids were produced.

Student: But prof, they would all have to be produced simultaneously at the same time and in the same place. The problem of fluid condensation would doom them all to destruction. This is because only by the careful removal of water can fats, sugars, and nucleic acids be produced from protein. Without controlled yet fairly rapid water loss, proteins could never form in water.

Instructor: Scientists have decided that the only practical place where life could have come into existence would be in the primitive ocean.

Student: But prof, every biochemist knows that the chemicals of life quickly decomposed in the presence of oxygen. So there could be no oxygen in the atmosphere and no oxygen in the water. And that’s part of what water is made of: 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen!

Instructor: Scientists think that the original atmosphere was reducing, that is, without oxygen. It was composed of carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, ammonia, and nitrogen instead of our present carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen, and oxygen.

Student: But prof, there is no evidence anywhere in the rock strata that this planet has ever been without oxygen. The earliest rocks show evidence of oxidized iron, and there could be no water without oxygen. Every living creature has to have water, and it has to have oxygen!

Instructor: That is true, but this isn’t a class based on religion, let me remind you, this is science and we believe that microbes lived in the oceans, before the oxygenated atmosphere, then oxygen came later.

Student: But prof, without oxygen, deadly peroxides would quickly form, killing all life. Without oxygen, there would be no ozone layer in the atmosphere. Without ozone, there would be no protection from lethal ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Instructor: It is believed among the world’s best science journals whose scientists are featured used computer simulations, perhaps, on the very day the first living creature came into existence, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

Student: But prof, there is no possible way that that could happen!

Instructor: Fortunately, scientists know that life can come from nonliving matter, because it has been done in the laboratory.

Student: But prof, no life resulted from the lab experiment, only nonliving amino acids. And they were made without water, without oxygen, and in a very concentrated mixture of certain laboratory chemicals, aided by continued carefully controlled sparking. Many thousands of experiments conducted since then have gone on with no results.

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