Cutting Edge Electron Microscopy Reveals Cell’s Crisis Commands

A bacteria cell’s command center used in a crisis situation has been observed for the very first time by evolutionary scientists.

“The crisis command centre in certain bacteria cells is a large molecule, dubbed a ‘stressosome’ by the scientists behind today’s research. These cells have around 20 stressosomes floating around inside them, and although scientists knew they played an important role in the cell’s response to stressful situations, the complexities of this process had not been fully understood until now” Science Daily

Does anyone still believe in adaptation through environment? It was taught when I was in school and promoted in such programs during the 70’s. We know so much more now than back then.

For example, we know that there is no wire or connection linked with experience to the reproductive cells. So if someone is born pretty healthy and during his or her lifetime, they loose an arm in a car accident, nobody is going to be born without a arm as a result thereafter through the family linkage.

This discovery opens up various questions. Could this cell survived without it’s complex crisis command center? Since there is no link to the reproductive cells, how could this cell through an unthinking process create such a complex mechanism that is able to ID particular threats to it’s existence? Logic is a thinking process not a chaotic unthinking one.

Only a designer, namely God could create such abilities which help the creature to survive. It’s fine tuned complexity is a special design for these one-cell animals. We know Darwinism didn’t have this ability to know what we know now as he view one-cell animals as simple creatures, but his observations were wrong, and so are the Neo-Darwinists of our time.

Using cutting edge electron microscopy is true science and it’s truly exciting to learn of what it can teach us about the microscopic world.  Something that is measurable and repeatable without the massive speculation (trying somehow to fit the data which is not agreeing with a particular dogmatic theory in evolution).


5 thoughts on “Cutting Edge Electron Microscopy Reveals Cell’s Crisis Commands

  1. Only a designer, namely God could create such abilities which help the creature to survive.

    Seeing what you want to see, hmm?

  2. Can you see positive adaption without no unambiguous “signature” on the genome or are you just seeing in what you want to see? The evidence reveals a “signature” of a creator, one more advanced than us. This is why the microscopic world of machinery is more advanced than intelligent humans.

  3. Molecular motors which are “biological molecular machines that are the essential agents of movement in living organisms.”

  4. I’ve have a feeling you’ve been reading too much ID stuff. Yes, computer and machinery analogies can be useful, but it’s very easy to get too entrenched in them and lose sight of what you’re actually talking about.

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