New Detection Of A Distant Magnetic Field Helps The Creationist Model

The more scientist discover distant magnetic fields, the more they don’t observe the “dynamo effect.” The latest measurements of a magnetic field which is over 6.5 billion light years away is disproving this hypothesis. The “dynamo effect” suggest that magnetic fields are born through rotation of galaxies and the longer they rotations last over a vast amount of time, the stronger these fields should be.

“This was a complete surprise,” said Arthur Wolfe, a professor of physics at UC San Diego’s Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences who headed the team. “The magnetic field we measured is at least an order of magnitude larger than the average value of the magnetic field detected in our own galaxy. The young protogalaxy they probed, DLA-3C286, is located in a region of the northern sky that is directly overhead during the spring.

Until recently, astronomers knew very little about magnetic fields outside our own galaxy, having directly measured the magnetic field in only one nearby galaxy. “And that field wasn’t as strong as the field we saw,” said Wolfe.”  Science Daily

One would think this recent find wouldn’t have been a surprise because distant magnetic fields already have been detected as being weak rather than stronger. So what we are seeing is evolutionary scientists feeling very strongly about the “dynamo effect” and are not open to other alternatives but more speculation. Remember, just because scientists can speculate doesn’t mean it’s a proven fact. This is what some would call a “gap” or a “challenge” to the model but according to the impression of what they are saying, it cannot be disproved.

It’s quite clear, astronomers are determined to try and find distant magnetic fields that look older with stronger magnetic fields and also find some younger galaxies which show weaker magnetic fields. It’s also possible they might come up with a computer model and use it as observational data.

In any case, it’s not a surprised to the creationist model which proposes a young earth, a young solar system, and a young unverse in general and the magnetic fields are confirming this very concept.

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