How Designed Cells Regulate Gene Activity

We continue to learn about the design of the cell and it’s functions. In this case, one of the many mysteries of the cell has to do with regulating gene activity. The understanding of this particular function has been finally discovered.

“Just as human engineers control devices ranging from dimmer switches to retrorockets using pulsed — or frequency modulated (FM) — signals, cells tune the expression of groups of genes using discrete bursts of activation.” Science Daily

I am very skeptical and critical of the type of conclusions one gets from computer models. Often times the data is not matching the model whether it be sooner or later. Normally in those cases it’s used because the data cannot be observed under normal means. In the case, it’s finally used properly.

Using mathematical and computational modeling with experiments that can be observed under normal circumstances. It came up with the discovery on how designed cells can regulate gene activity. And you know what I mean by “designed.” I’ll be getting more into how science can detect design which is outside the realm of chaotic, random, unthinking processes known as evolution.  And it’s not just an intelligent “agent” either, but God. In another words, creationism. Alright, let’s switch gears back to the main topic at hand…

“The scientists looked specifically at the molecular changes within simple baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) cells after exposure to excess calcium, which increases in concentration in cells in response to stressful conditions such as high salt levels, alkaline pH, and cell wall damage.

The scientists tracked that response using a protein called Crz1 labeled with a green fluorescent tag. Crz1 is stimulated in response to high calcium levels and activates genes that help protect the cell.”

These are the type of experiments I really enjoy, there is no evolutionist bent to these experiments that lead to the discovery, it’s plain old traditional science where you can observe, measure, and repeat. The specified complexity of the cell is designed rather than just thrown together, mixed around, then add more ingredients, till something decided to work like a machine…


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