Dinosaur to Bird: Inference or Factual?

A 33 foot long Dinosaur was found in Argentina by paleontologist Jeffrey Wilson and others who were part of the discovery team. The Dinosaur is supposedly 85 million years old. Scientists believe this particular Dinosaur evolved into a bird. For many years, paleontological research has been trying to build up a case for dinosaurs evolving into birds.

This particular discovery included the following…

“Wilson worked with Sereno and the rest of the team to scientifically describe and interpret the find. The vertebrae, clavicles, and hip bones bear small openings that lead into large, hollow spaces that would have been lined with a thin layer of soft tissue and filled with air in life.

These chambers result from a process called pneumatization, in which outpocketings of the lungs (air sacs) invade the bones. Air-filled bones are the hallmark of the bellows system of breathing in birds and also are found in sauropods, the long-necked, long-tailed, plant-eating dinosaurs that Wilson studies”  Science Daily

National Geographic was told the Dinosaur wasn’t able to fly. Take note, pneumatizations of bone have been discovered before in non-theropod dinosaurs, such as the large sauropods, and in the flying reptiles pterosaurs; neither believed to be the ancestors of birds.

Good science always investigates looking for factual data for it’s conclusions rather than inferences to be satisfied with. These hollow bones have lead to all kinds of speculation with this new discovery which has lead to various problems…

1) The Fossil Record Is Very Limited Because Lungs Do not Fossilize

2) Postcranial bones show pneumatic hollowing can be linked intrathoracic air sacs that are directly involved in lung ventilation. “Can Be” is a speculative connection without direct evidence.

3) “The advent of avian unidirectional lung ventilation is not possible to pinpoint, as osteological correlates have yet to be identified for uni- or bidirectional lung ventilation.”

4) No evidence on how a creature could breath during the transitional stages while air was not yet flowing through butnolonger going in and out.

5) Why would so-called positive selection trigger such a transition from an already efficient system of breathing?

The evidence is nothing more than “inferences” not one single shred of factual evidence whatsoever and despite this omission of much needed data…“Palaeontologists are now satisfied Aerosteon provides the evidence needed to seal the connection with birds.”  News UK

This is generally a tactical statement in order to try and validate their conclusion when they know the evidence is pretty weak, but having a consensus among scientists especially in this case doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Finding more hollow bones than normal (which only means past experience) doesn’t make a strong case either for a dinosaur breathing like a bird. I realize scientists want to prove this very badly, but again it still doesn’t make it true.

I’m incline to believe the dinosaur’s breathing was geared for it’s ability in running while having nothing to do with evolving into a bird. The creationist model which is based on the Bible, promotes the factual data as animals breed after there own kind. There are variants within a breed but nothing breeds into a totally different animal as evolutionists try very hard with their inferences and this dinosaur is a classic example.


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