An Observable Phenomenon With Trees Escapes Detection Until Now

Trees are quite smart, they have been purposefully and intelligently designed with specified complex characteristics, one of which has escaped detection from biologists for many years. When dealing with stress, these plants produce their own medication namely a chemical form of aspirin…

“Unlike humans, who are advised to take aspirin as a fever suppressant, plants have the ability to produce their own mix of aspirin-like chemicals, triggering the formation of proteins that boost their biochemical defenses and reduce injury,” says NCAR scientist Thomas Karl” Science Daily

Previously, it was discovered that trees communicate with each other using a chemical based language back in 2006…

“Of the thousands of different metabolites that plants can produce, many form a cloud around the plant.  These volatile compounds reflect the metabolic complexity of plants and also serve a diversity of functions.  Volatile compounds signal opportunity to insects, pathogens, and pollinators alike.

In a classic case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” plants being nibbled on by insect herbivores can produce volatile signals that call in other insects to prey on the herbivores.  For plants that flower at night, volatiles may be a better signal than floral color or shape to draw in the best insect pollinators.  Volatile signals are also read by neighboring plants and reinterpreted as instructions to adjust their own defenses.” The Invisible Bouquet

This is truly amazing, organic chemistry is very complex, and to learn of these plants performing synthesis in hundreds of thousands of ways, easily and purposefully, via complex enzymes.

There are no  enzymes which perform accidentally in a random process, but are like a delivery service which gives their package to messaging molecules with storage and emission machinery. You add it’s ability to produce medicine for itself, is just utterly truly amazing. Even leaves just don’t fall to the ground rather, they are actually pushed off by the plant itself.

“Abscission is a physiological process that involves the programmed separation of entire organs, such as leaves, petals, flowers, and fruit.  Abscission allows plants to discard nonfunctional or infected organs, and promotes dispersion of progeny.  At the cellular level, abscission is the hydrolysis of the middle lamella of an anatomically specialized cell layer, the abscission zone (AZ), by cell wall-modifying and hydrolyzing enzymes.

Thus, abscission requires both the formation of the AZ early in the development of a plant organ and the subsequent activation of the cell separation response”  Regulation of floral organ abscission in Arabidopsis thaliana

We are finding more and more intelligent designs which was originally created by God in plant life. An unthinking process could never accomplish such a task with so much meaning and organization, a typical mark for intelligent design.  It’s makes the machinery built by some of the most smartest people in the world so primitive.

“What I’m really interested in is whether God could have made the world in a different way; that is, whether the necessity of logical simplicity leaves any freedom at all.- Albert Einstein

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