Is Evolution Beginning to Sound More Like An Intelligent Being?

Berkeley Lab located in California is not known for endorsing intelligent design, in fact it’s quite the oppose. But I came across some research news which said, Intelligently Designed Molecular Evolution.” This term is contradicting in meaning. Evolution as we all know, is a non-thinking process. Intelligently Designed is a thinking process normally performed by a Being like humans or God.

There is a growing trend as scientists learn more about our surroundings here on Earth, and in outer space to use terms like “our creator” or “solves problems” as referring to evolution. Scientists also have other claims such as; evolution has a “strategy” in order to find the “solution” to some problem. It’s also a “recruiter” by being able to recruit different genes programs in order to solve problems.

This is not to say, evolution is perfect according to evolutionists, it does have the ability to create problems as well. But overall evolution is a “relentless efficient engineer” and it’s great design creates evolutionary wisdom such as smell.

Although Evolution is spoken so highly as being a designer, using strategies to upgrade in order to solve life’s problems while tinkering with it in the process, it cannot be done by an unthinking process. Nope, no way. Only intelligence with a purpose can accomplish those things. Also, Evolution has no foresight that causes cells to evolve “more elaborate…mechanisms” to deal what it perceived as future problems. This is also known as “pre-science.” Again, having “foresight” or “strategy” or other similar adjectives are retained knowledge, and naturalism (evolution) is an unthinking process which doesn’t retain information to use at a later time to create or update different things.

Only intelligence perform those tasks described above. So when evolution is being described more like a person or God, it’s because the evidence is not showing naturalism, but creationism.


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