NASA’s Chris Mckay: Natural Selection Needs Specified Complexity

NASA astrobiologist Christopher P. McKay did a telephone interview with Suzan Mazur. The interview ranged from the progress on studying Mars, to the origins of life. Speaking of which, here is what McKay had to say about the origin of life…

Something had to precede Darwinian natural selection. The Darwinian paradigm breaks down in two obvious ways.

First, and most clear, Darwinian selection cannot be responsible for the origin of life. Secondly, there is some thought that Darwinian selection cannot fully explain the rise of complexity at the molecular level.”

McKay continues to what he believes when natural section began…I think it must set in after life has started. After there’s a genome, genotype. That’s the one obvious place where Darwinian natural selection fails – is in the origin of life. It can’t be Darwinian all the way down.”

One of the biggest criticism of creationism or intelligent design, is that we focus only on what evolutionists don’t know. So they claim, we fill the gaps in with God. Well, here is a humanist, who has spend 30 years in his field and he says natural selection “cannot fully explain the rise of complexity” and his conclusion of course is not God, but rather an intelligent design (specified complexity) that was invented by life itself. A non-thinking process he claims created a gene or genome which enabled natural selection to activate and function from there.

He also compared it to computer software, in order for natural selection to work, “you need software” and not only that but it must be able to pass on it’s software information through mutations.  And those mutations give the software an upgrade making it better than it was before. Interesting enough, computer software is designed by intelligent humans.

Chris Mckay denies the existence of God because He is supernatural. Humanists and Atheists demand direct evidence for God, but believe in so-called indirect evidence for evolution. While there is no evidence for natural selection, what McKay implies (although he will not admit it) has God written all over it.


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