Chief of Explorer 1 Admits He Believes in Intelligent Design

Dr. Henry L. Richter, Jr. (PhD, Caltech), who was the design manager for Explorer 1, talked to employees at JPL about the mission, and his new revelation which he saved for last in his speech…He explains…

“I’d just like to make one comment, that having been involved in all this, and somewhat of a scientific background, I’ve come to the conclusion that the earth and the universe are no accident of nature.  The way they’re put together is very specific to allow human life to exist on this earth – whether it’s the distance of the sun to the earth, it’s all the way it is to allow human life to exist.  And it’s according to a design, as far as I’m concerned.  And a design demands a Design-er.  And so someplace there’s a cosmic Designer that put it all together and made it work—call it God if you want.  And I decided I needed a relationship with that Designer.  I developed one late in life and my life has been drastically changed since then, and it’s been glorious.”

Explorer 1 was a civilian satellite in answer to Russia’s Sputnik satellite which was the first man-made spacecraft to circle the Earth in space. What was very interesting, 50 years later Dr. Richter was treated with respect and dignity, something you don’t see often when one talks in public about ID. In fact, nobody in the audience critized his conclusion which would drive militant atheists and other hardcore evolutionists nuts…


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