Adult Stems Cell Research Continue to Show Progress

Scientists continue to focus more on adult cell research, in particular reprogramming adult cells. Last February, Harvard Stem Cell Institute(HSCI) showed some progress about eventually re-programing without using viruses or cancer-causing genes. Scientists hope this will lead to be able to change adult cells back to the beginning (embryonic like-state).

There is a new method of reprogramming conducted by HSCI as well, but the results of this new method might take years to realize what this breakthrough could mean…So it’s not like they discovered a new planet or anything like that, the research remains in it’s very infant-ency stages until further studies are done. More will be posted if there is any progress…In the meantime, the study explains it’s findings…

“Although scientists have successfully reprogrammed mature human skin cells into induced pluripotentiPS) cells by expressing a few key transcription factors, the conversion has been extremely inefficient. “Little is known about the mechanisms by which reprogramming occurs, in part because of the low efficiency,” says senior study author Dr. Konrad Hochedlinger from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.”  Science Daily

“In addition, the iPS cells created thus far have been generated with retroviruses and noninducible lentiviruses, both of which have major limitations that are not compatible with clinical applications.”  Science Daily

In other research news about adult stem cell research…

“Using the molecular equivalent of a tattoo on DNA that adult stem cells (ASC) pass to their “daughter” cells in combination with gene expression profiles, University of Utah researchers have identified two early steps in adult stem cell differentiation—the process that determines whether cells will form muscle, neurons, skin, etc., in people and animals.” Science Daily

As advances are made in adult stem cells, and embryonic stem continues to die in research value, one could ask, are the liberals going admit their wrong about the progress happening? Most likely, “no” as the pride of man dictates his response. The human body was well designed, it’s special complexity is mind-boggling to say the least. Indeed, this sort of research is biblical. That not to say all embryonic stem research was unbiblical. Some have suggested the expansion of adult stem cell research is because of the controversy over embryonic research, when in fact it appears now to be more like the results in the research.

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