Did “Luck” Give Dinosaurs The Ability to Succeed?

I have seen some strange yet bizzare discoveries, but never have come across one that was funded pretty well, and yet come up with this…

“The researchers examined the evolutionary pattern of dinosaurs and crurotarsans in the Late Triassic. They found no difference in the rates at which dinosaurs and crurotarsans were evolving. This was surprising as, if dinosaurs were truly ‘superior’ or ‘out-competing’ crurotarsans in the Triassic, they should be expected to evolve faster. Instead, crurotarsans were keeping pace…Putting all this together, it is very difficult to argue that dinosaurs were ‘superior’ to crurotarsans, or that they were out-competing crurotarsans.” Science Daily

When evolutionists become puzzled at their own hypothesis, the storytelling arises and it leads to bad research conclusions. Computer models are so limited in scope and are not capable of accomplishing predictions of real life behavior especially so far in the past as evolutionists claim. It’s generally tinkered by what man wants to know, rather on what is actually there. It comes up with more questions than answers.

I need some more meat, this study seems to be such a dud in terms of what was studied. But this “dud” did come with a bit of a surprise…

“Why did crurotarsans go extinct and not dinosaurs? We don’t know the answer to that, but we suspect that it was nothing more than luck, plain and simple.”

Does this really sound like science? One has to shake their head in disbelief, they don’t know or can’t come up with the observational evidence to answer their questions, so it had to be luck that caused it? Luck is their suspected evidence, right? Not certain conditions or just saying “I don’t know, further study is needed.”

Of course, anything that is believed to have happened from chaos by random chance, would be considered luck by many in the evolutionary world, but that doesn’t mean it’s fact or evidence that should be believed in…This is not exactly a new revelation sort to speak, but just scientists who didn’t want to admit, they found nothing…

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