Cassini’s Latest Discovery and Tribute

Cassini’s mission which began in 2004, is now officially over since July 31, 2008 but that doesn’t mean the discoveries have ceased…The most recent is…

“The spacecraft has detected a faint, partial ring orbiting with one small moon of Saturn, and has confirmed the presence of another partial ring orbiting with a second moon.  This is further evidence that most of the planet’s small, inner moons orbit within partial or complete rings.” Science Daily

Cassini’s discoveries has helped detect certain things such as the age of our solar system especially with it’s data and pictures from Saturn’s rings and it’s moons. It has surprised many evolutionary scientists like Enceladus which was found to have internal heating on the inside which produces about 5.8 gigawatts of heat. This indicates a young moon not one that is billions of years old. Basic laws of physics tell us when in the vastness of cold space, things normally cool off especially in a very long time span. We hope to see future studies of our solar system by Cassini or by other future spacecrafts which confirms God’s Word.

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