Flightless Birds Opens New Gaps of Assumptions For Evolutionists

Evolutionary scientist claim their latest research has destroyed previous assumptions about the common ancestors of flightless birds. It was believed that flightless birds such as an ostrich evolved from other flightless birds, but this new research saying that flightless birds came from ancestors that flew.

Although these new revelations teach evolutionary scientists a great deal, they also pose a great many new questions. For example, why did these birds evolve into such similar organisms in such different environments? Science Daily

Adaptation to different environments by various animals has been a thorn in the evolutionary hypothesis. Many thought experience was a key to adaptation, but this is no longer the case. Because we know through true observational science, that there are no links, or connections from our senses or experiences to the reproductive cells. So the different environments would have no bearing on so-called; adaptation.

Indeed, there are many questions left unanswered. Firstly, how would a flightless bird be more at of an advantage over a bird that can fly?  It doesn’t, in fact it’s really a downward trend rather than an upward (positive selection) trend. Secondly, why would a unthinking natural process fine tune an animal in different environments or in the same environment in which has supposedly created?  Thirdly, how would an unthinking process know what is good for the animal or what levels it could make these changes (if possible) and move on to the next change?  And lastly, why would an unthinking process do anything?

The research actually reveals creationism. Birds which were designed, came from other birds so it’s no surprise that flightless birds come from other flying birds. This is basically a confirmation of the days of the flood where two of each animal was spared for reproductive purposes.


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