Convergent Evolution In Bats Ears?

There was a study conducted on a gene called; a gene called Prestin.  Normally found in mammals with highest frequency hearing such as bats. The research was conducted by Professor Gareth Jones of the University of Bristol and Dr Stephen Rossiter of Queen Mary University of London, in collaboration with colleagues from East China Normal University in Shanghai.

“The researchers studied the Prestin DNA sequence in a range of echolocating bats and fruit bats, which do not echolocate.  They found that parts of the gene appear to have evolved to be similar in the distantly related echolocating species.  Furthermore, they could not find any evidence of genetic changes in the Prestin of fruit bats that might be expected from a loss of high frequency hearing” Science Daily

Echolocating and non-Echolocating bats according to the evolutionary scientists, do not come linked all together in the evolutionary tree. Thus, coming up with the conclusion that the Prestin DNA sequence was a result of convergent evolution. This presents a problem for other evolutionists…

Paleontologists using evolutionary patterns in taxonomy, or the categorization and classification of various organisms based on relatedness. Using convergent evolution often leads to incorrect relationships and false evolutionary predictions.

Convergent evolution is also attacked by a famous defender of evolution, Steven Gould who once said, “No finale can be specified at the start, none would ever occur a second time in the same way, because any pathway proceeds through thousands of improbable stages…” So the convergent evolutionary conclusion of bats ears is no less than a confusing one, a conclusion which cannot even be proven (assumed) in it’s own field of science. And it baffles scientists to see animals with the same features who are not linked together in the evolutionary tree.

Convergent Evolution in Bats? The answer is; No. They say it’s impossible to happen (a copy of the same feature from unlinked species), but yet, there it is. It’s quite clear, the best conclusion in the evolutionary mess, is creationism. The only thing that can replicate features in animals is a creator, namely God.


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