Oldest Fossil of a Gecko Discovered

A Museum in London announced they have found the oldest fossil of a young Gecko which wasn’t fully grown yet. It was a remarkable discovery, but not all the body parts were found. Just the foot and part of the tail of the Gecko.

“The new study provides evidence that geckos were definitely in Asia by 100 million years ago, and had already evolved their bizarre foot structure at that time. The amber fossil was mined in the Hukawng Valley in Myanmar, and during its life the gecko probably lived in a moist, tropical forest with ample opportunities for climbing” Science Daily.

Evolutionary scientists conclude the Gecko appeared 40 millions years than previously thought. Fossil discoveries like the Gecko have displayed no real evidence for evolution. Many animals which have been found and there about two million fossils and counting, are generally fully formed. Just like this latest fossil, the Gecko is fully formed with it’s functions, nothing really out of the norm there, and it’s alleged to be 100 million years old.

“It’s not clear, therefore, how or why this fossil is “shedding additional light on the evolution and history of these ancient lizards that scampered among the feet of giant dinosaurs then and still are common in tropical or sub-tropical regions all over the world.”

The fact of the manner is, it’s not “shedding any additional light on evolution” at all…What it is shedding is more gaps on the evolutionary tree.  As the old saying goes, evolutionary science is not relative for every gap filled more gaps are created. If the fossil evidence continues the way it’s going, we shall see more proof of God’s Word that ancient animals came into existence suddenly without no common ancestor or common chemical reaction.

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