NASA Technology Provided For Dead Sea Scrolls

For many years virtually nobody was able to see or read the Dead Sea Scrolls, which consists of 1,000 documents dated back to 2nd century BC. Scientists using the latest form of digital photographing technology which is many times greater in resolution than a previous attempt. Back in 1950, the documents were photographed using infrared which is stored in a special room geared for it’s preservation making it inaccessible to the public.

Due to the deterioration of the scrolls, a new method was needed to preserve the documents. What turned out to be just a project for conservation purposes only, has now turned out to be a special project to allow the whole world to see, as the reading material of the Dead Sea Scrolls will be put online.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were used about 4 percent of the time instead of the Masorectic text in translating the Bible. They were preserved by the Essenes. This particular group left the Hebrew synagogue and fled Jerusalem to the Qumran caves while taking with them some of the Bible scrolls. The Essenes became an heretical cult, leaving the beliefs of their Jewish fathers behind. The vast majority of the Dead Sea Scrolls agree with the Masorectic text  for example, the Book of Isaiah. But there were some instants discovered concerning the differences.

It’s quite possible the Essenes corrupted a small part of the text or were just careless with the transmission of these texts. It’s also possible, they could have changed it a hundred thousand different ways which differ from the Bible text we have today, but they didn’t. The Masorectic text remains the superior Hebrew text as it was guarded so meticulously. The new technology however allows people from all walks of life to view the Dead Sea Scrolls, thanks to the Lord.


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