Neanderthal Man Debunked: Are They Going to Change the Text Books?

For more than 60 years evolutionists have falsified the intellect and lifestyle of Neanderthal man in the public school science texts. PBS aired a program which neglected to mention (perhaps on purpose) the newer discoveries among evolutionists about Neanderthal man in a span of 10 years.

In the very latest discovery, scientists examined the stone tools which were created by Neanderthal man, “Archaeologists often use the development of stone blades and their assumed efficiency as proof of Homo sapiens’ superior intellect. To test this, the team analysed the data to compare the number of tools produced, how much cutting-edge was created, the efficiency in consuming raw material and how long tools lasted” Science Daily. The research team has shown that early stone tool technologies developed by our species, Homo sapiens, were no more efficient than those used by Neanderthals.”

Creationists for years have believed a similar conclusion when viewing the data; “The Neanderthals were known to bury their dead (whose bodies they covered in flowers), they used tools, worked with animal hides, took care of each other and generally acted like humans act. There is no indication that they were the brutish beasts they are seen as by many today.” All About Creation.

The million dollar questions are; Are they going to change the science text books in the public schools? How much more evidence does one need to debunk more than 60 years of falsified evidence? Instead of going along with the old data, when is PBS going to air these new discoveries?

Neanderthal man was basically human like you or me. His diet was poor which explains the deformed bone structure but if you give him a nice haircut and and modern clothes, you wouldn’t know the difference as he looks modern like everyone else, and the more we know about his intellect, the more we know he acted like everyone else too.


3 thoughts on “Neanderthal Man Debunked: Are They Going to Change the Text Books?

  1. “His diet was poor which explains the deformed bone structure ”

    What are you talking about? Deformed bone structure? You just made that up and you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. The Neanderthals and modern humans are closely related, sharing a common ancestor, but new evidence from DNA analysis has shown Neanderthals and homo sapiens are not the same species. This means there has been more than one human species living on earth at the same time.

    Your creationism is nothing more than an idiotic childish belief in magic. Why don’t you grow up and educate yourself instead of spreading lies about modern science.

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