Studying Microscopic Life For Solutions

The microscopic world of animals never ceases to amaze me. The specified complexities surrounding these animals are being studied not only to expand knowledge, but to solve man’s problems particularly in the field of engineering and chemistry. One of today’s biggest problems is the costs of energy and producing energy with less or no pollution at all. Here we see microscopic life being used to help solve these problems in addition to other uses such a producing compounds.

“Dramatic progress has been made over the last decade understanding the fundamental reaction of photosynthesis that evolved in cyanobacteria 3.7 billion years ago, which for the first time used water molecules as a source of electrons to transport energy derived from sunlight, while converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.” Science Daily

It’s a shame however, that the study has to plug evolution which claims an unthinking process by accident designed the animal to use water molecules to transport energy from sunlight while converting CO2 into oxygen. Photosynthetic reactions of cyanobacteria can certainly be studied and understood without the evolutionary plug as well. It’s an impossible task that many things were created with such a purpose without thinking about it.  Even the simplest things like tying one’s shoe, how long would an unthinking process would take to make the material by accident then attempt by accident to tie the shoe, let alone actually accomplish the task? Keep in mind, a single cell animal has far more specified complexity than creating a shoe string and then completing the task by tying a shoe.

The designed complexity of nature does in fact show the Lord’s handy work as intelligent as man is, he is nothing compared to what has been created by Him. This designed complexity of microscopic animals is why man looks to nature for answers, in order to solve some of life’s more difficult problems even though many in the field believe it’s from a different origin such as natural processes or are not allowed to say otherwise.

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