DNA Has A Security System

An interesting news bit from science daily“A security system wired within every cell to detect the presence of rogue viral DNA can sometimes go awry, triggering an autoimmune response to single-stranded bits of the cell’s own DNA, according to a report in the August 22nd issue of the journal Cell, a Cell Press publication.”

“We and others had demonstrated the existence of a DNA detection pathway within cells, but we are still early in our understanding,” said Daniel Stetson of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the University of Washington, Seattle.

This is known as “specified complexity” there are so many things needed for the cell’s existence which need to work properly, yet there are specified functions and safe guards in place put there for a purpose that no unthinking process by random chance could ever do, such as the newly discovered “DNA detection pathway” found in cells. This is a defense designed to neutralize the spread of infection. Scientists do not know much about this function of DNA especially things like the sensors. It is suspected although with no real concrete evidence, but it is suspected to be a cause of a rare disease found in infants. However, it’s possible that the safe guard might malfunction for some reason which causes harm in the cell, but the jury is still out on this one. Remember what evolutionists argue as evidence now, might not be later on expecially when they understand so little of the data.


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