State Funded School Doesn’t Require Evolution

The Texas Observer Reports: Online schools often cater to homeschooling parents, many of whom are Christian conservatives who believe in creationism. The Virtual Academy appears to be marketing its evolution-optional policy as a selling point. Nonetheless, the Texas Virtual Academy receives public funding and must abide by Texas’ education standards known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skillslaw. The TEKS require that each “student knows the theory of biological evolution.”

One thing to note, the Evolutionary Establishment (and other special interest groups) wants to control and have more power than the parents is “education”. It’s objectives are to teach evolution as fact, and require all children to learn more than just basic elements or concepts about it. Meaning they want students to believe in evolution not merely learn and understand it which is why there is an uproar about not requiring evolution. The standardized testing required by the State of Texas does in fact demand knowledge about evolutionary principles. Eventually these testing standards will be enhanced more and more with evolution in order to get those who home school their kids more indoctrinated into the system.

This is not to say, children shouldn’t be taught about the hypothesis or theory of evolution even at the upper levels whether it be in biology or other things like the big bang, in fact their fimilarity and understanding will help them in light of critical thinking skills about evolution as it’s certainly likes to speculate in a non-scientific manner, also their is reasearch fraud going on in studying evolution, and lastly it’s used a lot to attack Christianity.  Some critics like the Texas Citizens for Science have claimed the state funded school doesn’t teach evolution at all. They claim; “The TXVA uses the discredited K12 curriculum once promoted by William Bennett, which avoids the e-word and allows parents to keep their children ignorant of evolutionary biology.” However, this is not the case, it only makes evolution “optional” not required. It does in fact, teaches the basics of evolution in a non-dogmatic style. Meaning they teach it as just a theory, not as fact which is accepted in the scientific community. It also allows the parents to opt out of the course if they want to, and leaves the information responsiblity to the parents who’s child will most likely be tested on the information in the future.


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