The Problem of Research Fraud in Evolution

While there have been many accusations of fraud on both sides of the issue when it comes to Creationism and Evolution, but one thing is for sure, there is indeed a problem of fraud in the study of evolution.

Back in June 2008, Nature magazine publishes an article called; “Repairing research integrity.” In July 2008, researchers from all over the world wrote back in response to the article, sharing their experiences of research corruption in which there were no controls in place to help prevent such a problem.

Two researchers from America wrote a distrubing response, they said and I quote,  “The academic and financial rewards of calculated, cautious dishonesty on the part of some scientific leaders are, we believe, all too apparent to the junior scientists they supervise,” they said.  “No amount of tutoring, stricter supervision or courses in research ethics will fix this problem.”

What lacks with these types of researchers from top to bottom is the fear of God. This type of sinful conduct deludes research even more with the faulty conclusions about naturalism. The love for money is one of the reasons of why conducting solid and objective research is tainted.

This is not to say all evolutionary scientists are in it for the money because there are some who are wrong about their faith in evolution, but still conduct their research in an honest way.

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